How important is health when it comes to writing?

Health is a hot topic these days.  The things we eat and the ways we exercise impact much more than just our appearance.  Studies have claimed that exercise and nutrition is as important to our mental health as it is our physical bodies.  So how can this impact our writing?

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If I had to rate my own health on a scale of 1 – 10, I would give myself a solid 6.  I could stand to lose 20 pounds to be what I would consider a healthy weight for myself.  I frequently consume crap foods and drinks and avoid exercise, though I daydream of an existence in which I run religiously every morning and stick to only fresh and healthy foods.

What does this have to do with writing?  I have a theory, based on articles I’ve read over the years that I’ve skimmed and nearly forgotten, that focusing more on my physical and mental health will give me more energy and focus that I can apply to writing.  If nothing else, I think I would have more self-confidence to give myself focus.

How can I prove or disprove this theory?  Well, I want to challenge myself to see if I can stick to a healthier meal and exercise plan, and document my results.  I don’t want to clutter this blog with nutrition stuff, since I would prefer it stay an outlet for writing discussion, so I am thinking of making a weekly post to discuss health/nutrition and the effects it has on my writing and life.

Part 1 of this plan is exercise.  I am committing to working through a couch to 10k running app I found on the Apple app store.  I will run at least every other day, following the plan laid out in the app.  I’ll go into more detail on this in the next episode of this series, though I would be happy to address specific questions in the comments below.

Part 2 of the plan is nutrition.  I am starting by cutting soda and ‘junk food’ from my diet.  ‘Junk food’ is a pretty loose term, but I would describe it as an processed food that contains ingredients that don’t sound like real food.  I’m sticking to meat, vegetables, milk, cheese, the basics. Again, I’ll go into more detail on this in it’s own post, but feel free to question me below.  I am currently looking into the /r/keto subreddit on and investigating whether I buy in to their program.

Readers, can you identify with any of this? Have you gone from couch potato to health hero and noticed changed in your own life that transcended physical health alone?  I would be interested to hear from you!

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